Our Services


Concrete and metal structures

We manufacture steel structures and heavy reinforced concrete structures (RC), during the construction of buildings and structures we produce various types of iron / concrete work.


Foundation design and Span fencing

The foundation is a very responsible and technologically difficult stage of building a house.


Installation of precast concrete piles by static immersion

Pressing in piles is the most modern method of constructing pile foundations for residential and industrial construction, it is used all over the world.


Redesign and optimization of projects

Optimization of design solutions for pile foundations, taking into account the mutual influence of piles and the operation of a low grate on their load-bearing capacity.


Sheet piling and retaining walls

At the initial stage of construction, the soil is in its natural state – not compacted.


Static compaction of soils

Soil compaction methods are divided into:

-surface, when compacting effects are applied to the surface and lead to compaction of a relatively small layer of soil