Driving piles is the most modern method of piling foundations for residential and industrial construction, used all over the world. This method is most in demand in Europe, and Asia. Modern technology even plunges heavy piles with a large cross-section – 350 × 350 mm and 400 × 400 mm.

Construction of pile fields, foundations and pile foundations using the most modern high-speed technology of static pile indentation. The immersion of piles by the static indentation method consists in immersing ready-made massive or prefabricated reinforced concrete or steel elements (piles, pipes, sheet piles) into the ground using special machines that can independently move (IED). The rigs are capable of statically, using their own weight and additional calibrated weights, to transfer the indentation load necessary for the pile to pass through dense soil layers and achieve the required bearing capacity directly on the pile body.

Modern machines work very efficiently with reinforced concrete piles, driving up to 60 piles per shift without preliminary drilling.